Nintendo Switch

Upto 720p Handheld mode
Upto 1080p Max TV Mode

32GB internal Storage

Nintendo switch Console
Nintendo switch dock with LAN port
1 joy-con (L) controller, 1 joy-con (R) controller
2Joy-con wrist strap accessories
Joy-con Grip accessory
Nintendo switch Adapter
HDMI Cable

950,000 UGX 950000.0 UGX 950,000 UGX

950,000 UGX

Not Available For Sale

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    Description: The Nintendo Switch 1st Generation console is a versatile gaming system that allows you to play games both on-the-go and on your TV. With its extensive accessories and features, including a dock with a LAN port, two joy-con controllers, and 32GB of internal storage, the Nintendo Switch offers a unique gaming experience that is perfect for any gamer.