Ashwalkers: A Survival Journey- Survivor's Edition

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    Description: Journey through an apocalyptic wasteland with Ashwalkers: A Survival Journey- Survivor's Edition. Developed by Hervé Bonin’s new studio Nameless XIII, the game allows you to face the dark corners of your humanity and find out what lurks in the shadows. It offers complex moral dilemmas presented in a non-linear narrative, challenging players to make meaningful choices that will determine their character’s fate with 34 different endings. Test your survival skills by managing resources, crafting supplies, and keeping your group’s physical and mental health in check. Get to know your party’s dynamic relationships and explore a hostile world that has been destroyed by a volcanic apocalypse. Along the way, you must brave the weather, the ash storm, the grey blizzard, and the acid rain to survive. With each playthrough, discover a new path and new endings to explore. Be prepared to craft and scavenge and immerse yourself in the deep story with varying consequences in Ashwalkers: A Survival Journey- Survivor's Edition.