Terms and Conditions

By purchasing with Gadget Craze (U), you are agreeing to the following terms:


Gadget Craze (U) only stocks and sells brand new, authentic products. As such, your product will be covered by the manufacturer’s warranty at the time of your purchase.

This warranty generally covers the build quality, standard of features, and functionality under ‘normal usage’ for a set period of time. For specific details on your product, our team is always happy to consult at the time of purchase and further details can be found on the manufacturer website and product documentation.

Please note, the manufacturer warranty does not cover accidental damage or abnormal usage. The manufacturer will always make the intended usage and limitations of the device clear.

‘Normal usage’ is defined as what the product is intended for and designed to be capable of. For example;

  • A phone without water resistance won’t be covered for any water-related damage.
  • A phone with water resistance is guaranteed to work up to X depth for X amount of time – exceeding these limits is not covered by warranty.
    To ensure your device is fully covered for all types of damage, we recommend purchasing third-party gadget insurance.

No swaps, part-exchange, bartering, or credit agreements.

Gadget Craze (U) only stocks and sells brand new, authentic products. We simply do not deal in preowned gadgets at all and cannot place a monetary value on used goods. For this reason, we do not facilitate swaps or part-exchange.

Our products are priced to sell and the advertised price is always the best price possible. We value your time, and ours, and don’t believe customers should have to waste time negotiating to get a better deal. For this reason, bartering is not part of our business model or intended customer experience and we do not entertain offers below the advertised price.

Gadget Craze (U) is an electronic goods retailer and our sole focus is to sell products at affordable prices. For this reason, our business model does not facilitate credit agreements – we can only accept upfront payments for the total amount due or a payment installment plan whereby the gadget is released upon the final payment.

All sales are final – no returns/refunds.*

Gadget Craze (U) only stocks and sells brand new, authentic products and customers will always receive their products in pristine condition sealed retail packaging.

When ordering with Gadget Craze (U), we are agreeing to sell products in the aforementioned condition to the customer for the advertised price. Once the sale is completed, the product and it’s packaging becomes the property and sole responsibility of the customer.

In order to reverse this transaction, the same product would need to be returned to Gadget Craze (U) in the same condition it was sold.

This is rarely possible due to customers opening and discarding packaging. There is also no way for Gadget Craze (U) to ascertain if the product has been accidentally damaged, i.e. due to dropping, without opening the packaging to inspect the product.

For these reasons, we do not facilitate returns and refunds.

*This does not apply in the unlikely event that your product encounters a genuine manufacturing defect, which is covered by the manufacturer’s warranty. In such cases, Gadget Craze (U) will always endeavour to resolve the problem as quickly as possible.

Delivery Fees

When choosing the ‘home delivery’ option for your order, a separate sales contract is entered between Gadget Craze (U) and the customer.

As part of this contract, Gadget Craze (U) is agreeing to deliver your order to a specified address on an agreed-upon day for a set fee, and the customer is agreeing to provide accurate details and be present for the delivery with payment ready. The specified fee covers the resources required to deliver your order i.e. time, transport, fuel.

In the unlikely event that delivery cannot be completed due to customer error, i.e. nobody present at the address/incorrect address given/cannot settle the invoice, then delivery fees will not be refunded even if the order is later canceled.

This is because, in such cases, Gadget Craze (U) has upheld our side of the contract by attempting delivery on the agreed-upon terms and we have spent resources to do so. For this reason, customers are still liable to pay the delivery fee in order to cover the cost of resources consumed.