Construction Simulator 3

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    Description: Build on a whole new level with Construction Simulator 3 for the Nintendo Switch! This one cartridge packs two powerful versions, one for European and one for American settings, bursting with over 130 construction jobs to complete. You'll be equipped with an array of authentic, licensed machinery for every possible job requirement - tractors, cranes, loaders and dump trucks; from Caterpillar, LIEBHERR, Palfinger, Bell Equipment, STILL, Atlas, Mack Trucks, and Meiller. Enjoy a realistic experience with impressive graphics that demonstrate true realism. Plus, get behind the wheel with a new cockpit feature for a first-hand feel. And don't forget, exciting challenges await - from repairing crumbling roads to building a railway bridge. Construction Simulator 3 for the Nintendo Switch is your ticket to becoming the ultimate construction worker!