Green Lion 6 in 1 Professional Smartphone Lens Kit


25x Macro
Star Filter
140 Degrees Super Wide Angle
250 Degrees Fisheye
CPL Filter
ND32 Filter
Product features

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Easy to Handle
CPL Filter
Universal Clip
Multi-Coated Optics
Wide Compatibility

Color: Black

70,000 UGX 70000.0 UGX 70,000 UGX

70,000 UGX

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    COLOR: Black

    Description: Elevate your smartphone photography with the powerful Green Lion 6 in 1 Professional Lens Kit from Gadget Craze Uganda! Crafted with multi-coated optics, this kit delivers heightened clarity and stunning image quality. Get up close with the 25x macro lens for intricate details, capture grand vistas with the 140-degree super wide-angle lens, or add a creative touch with the 250-degree fisheye lens. Plus, enjoy reduced glare and richer colors with the CPL filter, while the ND32 filter ensures balanced exposures. All this in one kit that's easy to use and compatible with a range of devices - perfect for exquisite photography that fits right in your pocket.