Green Lion Adventure FM Transmitter PD 30W


Music Format: MP3, WAV, WMA
USB Max Capacity: 32GB
Sound Effect Adjuster
Fast Charge Support
Google Assistant
Universal Design
Type-C USB Port
Siri Activation
PD 30W

110,000 UGX 110000.0 UGX 110,000 UGX

110,000 UGX

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    COLOR: Green

    Description: The Green Lion Adventure FM Transmitter PD 30W will improve your in-car entertainment experience. Any travel may become an audio adventure due to a universal design that enables compatibility with a wide range of cars. Your favorite songs are always accessible thanks to the support for music formats like MP3, WAV, and WMA. Store and shuffle through multiple tunes without the trouble of constant transfers because of the big 32GB USB maximum capacity. You can customize the audio to your specific tastes using the sound effect adjuster, resulting in a listening experience that is optimal for any genre. This device not only improves enjoyment but also provides convenience thanks to Type-C USB connectivity, Fast Charge, and the PD 30W feature, which ensures dependable power distribution to keep your devices charged and ready to use. Google Assistant and Siri Activation are integrated to keep you connected and hands-free. The BT-5.3 guarantees a reliable and seamless connection, reducing interruptions and enhancing clarity. If you want a complete, high-quality in-car audio solution that combines innovation and usability, go with the Green Lion Adventure FM Transmitter.