Powerology 30000mAh PD QUICK CHARGE Power bank


A portable power bank that can provide you with a full charge on the go. Offering you all you need at an affordable price is what makes the power bank 30000mAh stand out among all other power banks.

The Powerology'sHigh Capacity Power Bank 30000mAh has the capacity to charge a number of devices or a single device a number of times.
Made of Li-ion battery cell ensuring high safety and stability. Power bank 30000mAh is programmed to protect your devices against overheating, overcharging, overvoltage, short circuits, discharging, etc

45W PD Fast Charging
With the help of its fast-changing technology, this ultra-compact power bank 30000mAh charges your mobile phone from 0% to 60% in just 35 minutes.

Comes with a Carrying pouch

250,000 UGX 250000.0 UGX 250,000 UGX

250,000 UGX

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    Description: The Powerology 30000mAh PD QUICK CHARGE Power bank is a portable and compact power bank that offers high safety, stability, and protection to your devices. With its fast-charging technology, you can charge your mobile phone from 0 to 60 in just 35 minutes, ensuring that you have a full charge on the go. It is a reliable and affordable solution to keep your devices charged throughout the day.