Powerology Multiport Smart Power Extension 3250W 3M


Built-In Protection
Protecting your devices from sudden surges, over-heating, over-voltage, over-current, and overcharging is the Powerology multiport extension's biggest purpose.

App Compatibility
The Powerology multiport power extension includes app compatibility for control. By sitting in any corner of the house, you can easily access the extension. Furthermore, this will allow you to determine which port is active and in use at the time. You can turn it on and off with a single click from anywhere.

Simultaneous Charging Ability
6 AC, 3 USB-A, and one USB-C, all can be used together at the same time with a fast-charging option. No matter if you want to use it for charging your laptop, phone, or electrical appliances. Let it all be charged at the same time. With 45W total output it ensures fast charging.
Only 35 minutes for charging smartphones from 0% to 60%

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185,000 UGX

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