JBL 2.1 Deep bass (Mark II New Model)


Total Speaker Power Output: 300W
Soundbar Output Power: 100W
Subwoofer Output Power: 200w

Dolby Digital
JBL Surround sound brings a real cinematic experience to your home,making anything you watch or listen to more epic,more thrilling and more powerful

1,250,000 UGX 1250000.0 UGX 1,250,000 UGX

1,250,000 UGX

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    Description: Experience a cinematic audio experience with the JBL 21 Deep bass MK2 speaker. With a total power output of 300W, including a 100W soundbar and a 200W subwoofer, and Dolby Digital JBL Surround sound, this speaker delivers high-quality and immersive audio. Perfect for movies, music, and gaming. Upgrade your audio experience and bring your entertainment to life with the JBL 21 Deep bass MK2.