Porodo Soundtec 640W Party Speaker with Trolley


1,100,000 UGX 1100000.0 UGX 1,100,000 UGX

1,100,000 UGX

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    COLOR: Black

    Description: Introducing the Porodo Soundtec 640W Party Speaker with Trolley – an auditory revolution designed to keep the beat going wherever you are. With its cutting-edge 360° sound distribution, every note envelopes you in a rich, immersive audio experience, setting a new standard in sound quality. Music aficionados and outdoor enthusiasts can revel in continuous melodies with an impressive 15-hour battery life, ensuring the rhythm never dies. Plus, with the convenience of a built-in power bank, your devices will stay powered up so the soundtrack to your adventures never fades. Built for the bold, this speaker flaunts a sleek, compact design that makes it an aesthetic fit for any environment, while also being water-resistant, ideal for those spontaneous rain-or-shine gatherings. Make the Porodo Soundtec the centerpiece of your party and enjoy music as it's meant to be – uninterrupted, crystal clear, and in style.